Below are 20 small acts of kindness which some kind soul has left behind. This may improve your karma today.

  1. Buy coffee or pay the toll for the person behind you
  2. Give someone a sincere compliment
  3. Put a coin in a parking meter that has run out of time
  4. Pick up three pieces of rubbish
  5. Do something nice for someone without them knowing
  6. Let someone who has fewer groceries get in front of you in line
  7. If someone looks lost, offer them directions or show them the way
  8. Give up your seat to someone on the bus/train/subway
  9. When you see a group of friends taking pictures, offer to take a group photo
  10. Look someone in the eye when you say thank you…and mean it
  11. Give someone a big smile
  12. Talk less, listen more…really listen
  13. Remember and acknowledge someone’s birthday
  14. Buy a homeless person a meal or offer them your leftovers when leaving your favorite restaurant
  15. Offer someone your umbrella
  16. Donate clothes and other items to a charity (many will even come by and pick them up)
  17. When you are finished reading your paper/magazine on a plane/train/bus, offer it to a bystander
  18. Call an old friend to let them know you were thinking about them
  19. If someone gets to a parking spot at the same time as you do, let them have it; additionally, let someone who wants to switch lanes on the freeway in front of you

If you see a person struggling to carry something, reach something or load something into their car, step in to help